Company story

Positive Technologies is a global cybersecurity company. Its flagship Telecom Cybersecurity Suite enables network operators to drive business performance while protecting their subscribers and services. By providing greater visibility into infrastructure vulnerabilities and securing customer services, Positive Technologies helps to strengthen loyalty, drive revenue with value-added security offerings, and protect emerging telecom technologies such as 5G and the IoT.

Since 2012, Positive Technologies has continually proven its global leadership, vision, and expertise in telecom security. As a separate business entity based out of Europe, Positive Technologies was rolled out in 2019.

Positive Technologies operates globally with offices and staff in the UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Brazil, and South Korea. The company employs dozens of experts with deep knowledge of cybersecurity and telecom-related specialties, including vulnerability research, reverse engineering, pentesting and social engineering, and forensic analysis.

Telecom expertise

Positive Technologies experts have pioneered research into telecom security. They were the first to discover the security issues associated with SS7 back in 2014, showing how such flaws could be exploited for everything from remotely intercepting phone calls to bypassing 2FA for access to social media profiles.

Testing has repeatedly shown that exploits—including signaling fraud attacks, customer data theft, and SMS interception—are still possible on all examined networks despite the advances in LTE and now 5G.

The Positive Technologies Telecom Cybersecurity Suite—consisting of PT Telecom Attack Discovery, PT GSMA Compliance Check, PT Signaling Firewall, and Telecom Security Assessment—is designed to assist operators in addressing these vulnerabilities. Positive Technologies continues to lead research and development in the field, with papers dedicated to network security for Smart City technology, as well as development of a dedicated 4G and 5G assessment service.

Products in the Positive Technologies Telecom Cybersecurity Suite are widely regarded as market-leading by industry analysts. PT Telecom Attack Discovery was listed in Gartner's Operational Technology (OT) Security Market Guide in 2016 and analyst house Ovum placed it on the radar for its important role in telecom security in 2017. Rocco Research, a leading telecom market research company, named Positive Technologies a tier-one provider for 2018.

Positive Technologies is an active member of the GSMA, for which it provides valuable insight as one of the few security vendors in the GSMA's Fraud and Security Group. Positive Technologies researchers often speak at the GSMA, share experience, and participate in shaping industry guidelines. Researchers regularly present at cybersecurity events, appear in the press as quoted experts on telecom security, and advise other telecom organizations such as the ITU, run by the UN.

Operators already working with Positive Technologies include O2, Telecom Italia Sparkle, VimpelCom (VEON), Ooredoo, Etisalat, Sky Mobile, SK Telecom, Wind Tre, Tele2, Telcel, Turkcell.

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