As 5G technology expands to new areas and devices, its deployment comes at the cost of threats and vulnerabilities. The increasing age of the SS7 protocol, combined with the constant evolution of hacking methods, enables malicious actors to perform complex attacks on core networks.

On October 2 at 2:20 p.m, meet our telecommunications security expert Sergey Puzankov, who will give a talk on the SS7 signaling protocol and its implications for attackers in the 5G era. At Black Hat 2020, he will give a presentation "Back to the Future. Cross-Protocol Attacks in the Era of 5G," during which he will discuss how attackers can still take advantage of the signaling protocols used in previous-generation networks. He will present unique results describing possible scenarios involving cross-protocol attacks, from data manipulation to voice call interception and creation of arbitrary VAS subscriptions.

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