Positive Technologies will take part in 46th GSMA Latin America Plenary Meeting, May 10-11 in Panama.

Jimmy Jones, Positive Technologies’ Telecom Business Development Lead together with our partners from Sparkle will tell about building security for SS7/Diameter core networks.

This presentation will cover Cyber Security lifecycle and how it was introduced into telecom signaling space for VEON project, one of the largest telephone operators globally. It will explain also how we managed to organize working security process for Core networks, and the benefits for Mobile Operators of the joint approach to Signaling protection designed by Sparkle and Positive Technologies.

To ensure a high level of protection against all types of threats, VEON is using a comprehensive approach to signaling security which includes:

  • Continuous monitoring of messages that cross the SS7/EPC network border
  • Analysis of a signaling network security · Enforcement of security measures and policies
  • Vulnerability management
  • Control over changes in the network and equipment configuration
  • Etc.

The talk will take place within the Working Group of Security and Fraud section.