Positive Technologies experts to give a talk at the Security Session’18 in Brno.

Security Session is a non-commercial conference held in Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic), where attendees can learn about news and current issues in the world of mobile and IT security. Two Positive Technologies experts were invited to give a talk at the event.

For Positive Technologies, education is fundamental to making the telecoms industry and end users more secure. This is why – we believe – it is vital for experienced professionals to share their expert knowledge with young specialists who will be at the forefront of the fight for global security in next few years.

Pavel Novikov, head of telecom security research team at Positive Technologies, will share information about cyberattacks using IoT technologies, explain the role the mobile industry needs to play in IoT security and detail Positive Technologies’ experience in relation to research into and the audit of IoT-devices.

Kirill Puzankov, head of telecom security consulting at Positive Technologies, will reveal the results of a recent SS7 security analysis report. Signaling System 7 (SS7) protocol is used to exchange data between network devices in telecommunications networks. Today the signaling network is not isolated, and this allows an intruder to exploit its flaws and intercept calls and SMSs, bypass billing, steal money from mobile accounts, or affect mobile network operability. Although new 4G networks use another signaling system, Diameter, SS7 security issues are still evident. To demonstrate the extent of security problems in modern communication networks, this talk will highlight not only the vulnerabilities that Positive Technologies experts have found while conducting security analysis on SS7 networks, but also how the exploitation of these vulnerabilities would happen in real life.

After the session, students will be invited to visit Positive Technologies’ office in Brno for an even greater deep dive into IoT and telecoms security.