Dmitry Kurbatov

Dmitry has been named CTO for Positive Technologies in December 2019. He is a world-known telecom security specialist with many years of experience in researching 2G, 3G, LTE networks, SDN/NFV and IoT. Since 2012, Dmitry has been analyzing security of mobile operators worldwide with his R&D team at Positive Technologies, helping to detect and mitigate threats to networks, subscribers, and critical infrastructure, and to fight fraud and develop security strategy for the new 5G technology.

His area of responsibility includes creating products that detect and block attacks in mobile operators’ signaling networks. He is also in charge of developing security analysis and vulnerability management services and establishing processes for mobile networks and IoT ecosystems protection.

Dmitry holds a degree in information security of telecommunications systems. Prior to joining Positive Technologies in 2010 as an information security expert, he worked as a network engineer for several system integrators.

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