Pavel Novikov, Head of the Telecom Security Research Team at Positive Technologies, has been named one of three finalists in the category of Penetration Tester of the Year at the Cyber Security Awards.

The Cyber Security Awards were established in 2014, to reward the best individuals, teams, and companies within the cyber security industry. Excellence and innovation are core themes throughout all categories, with a judging panel of security experts choosing the best possible applicants. The Penetration Tester of the Year category looks for applicants that demonstrate a technical skill set that surpasses that of their peers. Judges evaluate the projects the researcher has worked on and how they have helped improve cyber security or advanced industry knowledge.

This year, Pavel Novikov led a research project into the GTP, which has directly resulted in the telecom industry reconsidering their attitude to security of GTP and EPC, which are the basics for 5G Core network. The GSMA updated permanent reference documents regarding GTP security and started a new initiative for Inter-PLMN User Plane Security for 5G roaming architecture model. The public results of this project were also highlighted in the media, including an official IEEE resource.

Pavel Novikov said: “I am very proud to have been shortlisted as one of the top pentesters by the Cyber Security Awards. With the launch of 5G in the past year, and the increase of IoT use that this allows, I believe that our pentesting services for the telecom industry have never been more necessary or important. These massive industry shifts have meant that we have been incredibly active working with our customers but also in the wider industry to make sure the next evolution of communications is secure.”

Christina Price, organiser of the Cyber Security Awards, said: “Despite the challenges of 2020, we have received a record number of entries. The quality was very high and those that have been selected as finalists should be incredibly pleased with their achievement and know that competition to win will be tough!”

The winners of the Cyber Security Awards will be announced in a virtual ceremony held on September 10th at 5 pm, BST and you can see a full list of all of the finalists here.