Implement and verify network security baseline

Security is in the spotlight and people are more reliant on mobile networks than ever. Securing networks must be a priority during the design stage. This is even more true now as operators begin to tackle construction of new 5G networks. Attempts to implement security as an afterthought at later stages may cost much more: operators will likely need to purchase additional equipment, at best. At worst, operators may be stuck with long-term security vulnerabilities that cannot be fixed.

These concerns were on the mind of the European Commission as it issued the EU Toolbox for 5G Security, a set of robust and comprehensive measures for a coordinated EU-wide approach to securing 5G networks.

According to the Toolbox, implementing baseline network security is the first step in a range of measures to mitigate risks and ensure security on 5G networks to be deployed across Europe.

The Commission calls on member states to take their first concrete steps to implement key measures by April 30, 2020 and report on implementation by June 30, 2020.

ENISA estimates that only 30% of EU operators have implemented GSMA security guidelines. How mature is your network in terms of cybersecurity?

Positive Technologies has developed a baseline compliance program for network cybersecurity: mobile operators can quickly evaluate their network security posture and get recommendations on improvements which will perfectly harmonize with the EU 5G security toolbox.

We are here to offer this service to European mobile operators free of charge until July 1. To take advantage of this offer, simply fill out the contact form on our website. Learn about how it works and get in touch at: