Most operators plan to deploy 5G by relying on previous-generation 4G LTE networks with Non-Standalone architecture. This is a rapid way for operators to provide subscribers with 5G access, without building a new core network and instead focusing on the 5G radio area network (RAN).

While this delivers operators a known and reliable quantity, this approach does not offer any of the benefits of the 5G core. All of the security issues with previous-generation networks will remain for 5G subscribers. What’s more, the deployment of 5G networks will create new security risks for operators due to far-reaching virtualization, more difficult administration, and use of Internet protocols that are already well known to hackers.

Our new whitepaper details how to safely and systematically bring mobile networks up to 5G, including:

  • Why the 5G security architecture by itself is not enough to keep networks safe
  • Why protecting 5G starts with protecting 4G
  • How to defend 5G networks
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