Paolo Emiliani
Paolo Emiliani
Head of Pre-Sales Engineering team, Global
Jun Kim
Jun Kim
Managing Director, Korea
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In 2020, many telecommunication companies will debut their first commercial 5G networks. The 5G mission has become a hot-button topic for the entire telecom community. But these networks have inherited many threats from their 3G and 4G forebears. Long-known weaknesses in security protocols and algorithms have been baked into new 5G systems. This creates a perfect storm for threat actors to target 5G security weaknesses using their old tricks.

In our upcoming webinar PT experts Paolo Emiliani, Head of Pre-Sales Engineering team, and Jun Kim, Managing Director, Korea, will help you to navigate the tricky path to 5G deployment. In the webinar, our experts will:

  1. Explain new 5G trust and service delivery models
  2. Assess the evolving 5G threat landscape and privacy issues
  3. Explore realms of 5G protection with a focus on real-life cases
  4. Discuss new and emerging 5G threats affecting telecom infrastructure and end devices
  5. Explain why roaming protection in 5G is a game-changer
  6. Underline essential mitigation techniques for 5G security

5G is already catching on worldwide! It is high time for action from the telecom and security communities to address the security challenges ahead.