Dmitry Kurbatov
Dmitry Kurbatov
Suen Kar Nyan
Suen Kar Nyan
Managing Director SEA

Mobile network operators are planning to invest heavily in coming years to implement the transition to stand-alone 5G. However, in likening to 5G with interconnected infrastructure, 5G SA is prone to protocol vulnerabilities that can allow the malicious actor to impersonate subscribers, disclose subscriber profiles and cause a denial of service (DoS).

Our keynote speakers -- Positive Technologies CTO Dmitry Kurbatov and SEA Managing Director Suen Kar Nyan -- will discuss the highlights from the report and present exclusive, real-world insights regarding the 5G stand-alone core and its security implications.

Join us on July 29 for a comprehensive overview of 5G SA security and discover how timely protection can impact your security posture.

What you'll learn:

  • How to spot the various types of threats in the 5G standalone core
  • Network misconfigurations that open doors to attacks on subscribers
  • 5G SA protocol components that malicious actors actively target
  • An effective security strategy for the avoidance of network disruption