Pavel Novikov
Pavel Novikov
Head of the Telecom Security Research Team

Most operators plan to deploy 5G by relying on previous-generation 4G LTE networks with Non-Standalone architecture. The problem is that this approach will leave 5G subscribers with all the security issues of previous-generation networks.

Join us for our webinar «Migrating mobile networks to 5G: a smooth and secure approach» on October 1, 2020. Register to learn how to safely and systematically bring mobile networks up to 5G. Pavel Novikov, Head of the Telecom Security Research Team, will discuss:

  • Which new risks will appear with 5G deployment
  • Why the 5G security architecture by itself is not enough to keep networks safe
  • Why any 5G-only security efforts will be pointless
  • How to protect 5G networks

Special bonus: All webinar attendees will get our exclusive PDF whitepaper «Migrating mobile networks to 5G: a smooth and secure approach» as a convenient reference and recap of points discussed.