Kirill Puzankov
Kirill Puzankov
Product Manager
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones
Business Development Lead
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Why, in your opinion, is there fraudulent activity happening in the telecoms and banking industry? Is it the greediness of the fraudsters? To put it simply — it’s because the criminals can do so. It is a lack of security and technical expertise that allows misconduct and malicious activity to happen. Therefore, mobile network operators (MNOs) have to make it impossible for cyber criminals to launch cyberattacks on their network systems.

IT experts have noticed that hackers change their tactics to become more sophisticated once simple ones prove less effective. That is why, simple FireWalls were superseded by Next Generation Fire Walls, and now experts use other measures such as honeypots and Network Traffic Analysis, etc.

Recently, our 5G-ready next-generation signaling firewall scored no. 1 on the security market.* Want to learn more about the reasons behind this accolade, then register to our upcoming webinar to learn about an effective approach towards signaling security in the era of 5G.

During the live session Positive Technologies’ experts — Kirill Puzankov, Product Manager and Jimmy Jones, security telecoms expert will:

  • explain how to implement security for Core networks quickly, efficiently and with fewer efforts
  • show a demo on how telecom operators could withstand an attack or malicious actions using our next-generation Telecom Attack Discovery signaling Firewall
  • provide statistics and key trends in signaling security.

Mobile operators across the globe have already started to roll out their 5G. It is here to stay and so security should be kept it mind ensuring the industry learns from the lessons of previous generous networks.

* According to the ROCCO Signalling Firewall Vendor Performance Report 2020.