Federico Aureli
Federico Aureli
Technical Security Specialist
Milan Brezina
Milan Brezina
Telecom and SMS fraud expert
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For the past decades, SS7 protocol has been our closest neighbor to support the roaming infrastructure. However, with untrusted agents exploiting this protocol and the migration to 5G, many operators are at risk of security data breaches and the inability to switch to 5G secure infrastructure fast. Especially now, when major cybersecurity organizations (ENISA) include signaling security in their 5G networks threat landscape, SS7 protocol has to come into the spotlight during the design stage.

Positive Technologies’ experts, as the signaling security pioneers, have denoted the importance of SS7 security and have performed comprehensive SS7 research. Based on our expertise, the team has invented the best-industry firewall that meets all MNOs’ demands.

Our live webinar, hosted on August 6 by our telecom experts Federico Aureli, Technical Security Specialist, and Milan Brezina, Telecom and SMS fraud expert, reveals the trending topics in SS7 security and explains:

  • Why SS7 will stay a long time even in the era of 5G
  • Why mobile operators should take into account SS7 weaknesses
  • What SS7 protocol real-life fraud cases are

Apart from industry insights, our experts will perform a Telecom Attack Discovery next-generation signaling firewall short demo to outline how it exposes the threats to 5G and the general telecoms infrastructure.