Milan Brezina
Milan Brezina
Telecom and SMS fraud expert
William Tiew
William Tiew
Telecom Sales Engineer Lead

Telecom providers build, operate, and manage integrated voice and data networks, transmitting and storing vast amounts of sensitive data. With 5G bringing eMBB and expanding the service portfolio of businesses, this volume is set to see a manifold increase, making them a golden goose for hackers.

Active work on the cyberattack prevention side is an absolute must for operators, and threat intelligence is one of the important pillars of robust security.  

Join our live webinar on October 7 for an interactive discussion of the most common weaknesses and threats in 4G and 5G networks, plus:

  • How to implement a smart «risk-driven» approach to security
  • How to detect traces of cybercrime in signaling networks and prevent suspicious activities in telecom networks
  • How to make your SOC telecom-oriented
  • CSIRT and CERT: when it’s time to bring in outside expertise