Milan Brezina
Milan Brezina
Telecom and SMS fraud expert
Sergey Puzankov
Sergey Puzankov
Telecom Security expert
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Telecom fraud is booming at an alarming rate worldwide to become a major source of revenue loss for mobile operators. According to the CFSA, mobile operators lost $28 billion to fraud in 2019. SIM swapping has again become a hot-button topic in the telecom industry as well. This worrying trend is provoking disputes between banks and telecoms and causing harm all around.

On November 25, 2020, join our security experts Sergey Puzankov and Milan Březina as they show how to perform and protect from different attacks in the telecom world, including :

  • SIM swapping
  • A2P SMS termination with security bypass
  • OTP SMS interception

Also you’ll get to watch:

  • Telecom Attack Discovery product demo, where our experts will showcase how it combats these types of fraud

And you’ll be introduced to:

  • Solution to address the SIM swap issue

Learn the major techniques to increase your security resilience, protect subscriber identities, and secure their financial data.