Targeted protection against hacker attacks

Benefit from smart security analytics that contains only accurate, complete, and comprehensive data. Identify threats to SS7 security and Diameter security as they emerge, get security status at a glance, and trigger effective filtering protection mechanisms to block malicious traffic.

Protection against configuration errors

Check the performance of your network equipment and make quick adjustments. With PT TAD, you can easily implement the specific tweaks such as SMS home routing settings, which will actually make a difference and boost the overall security level.

More security with less effort

Focus on the threats that really matter. Automation in PT Telecom Attack Discovery draws on our extensive experience with real-world clients. Thanks to this, security improves, while creating significant time and payroll efficiencies for mobile network carriers.

Powerful threat intelligence

View attacks as they unfold in real time, even in their earliest stages. Regular updates from our research team keep PT TAD ahead of the latest vulnerabilities, attacks, and exploits targeting telecommunications networks.

Compliance on the fast track

Our experts can advise on how to stay compliant with guidelines and regulations: GDPR, FCC, ENISA, and GSMA, among others. Reap the benefits of a proactive approach to signalling security. Protect subscriber data and avoid expensive fines.

How it works

PT TAD delivers robust active protection for SS7 and Diameter signalling networks with full performance and redundancy intact. Incoming STP traffic is checked for malicious attack patterns. Verified messages are looped back and passed on to the MNO signalling network.

With regular updates from our research team, this mode is a powerful way to prevent current and emerging threats from reaching your core infrastructure, assets, and subscribers.

PT TAD signalling firewall

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5G-ready PT Telecom Attack Discovery is the most well-rated signaling firewall 2020.

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