Why act now?


Competition for subscribers and new business opportunities mean challenging not just other mobile service providers, but Internet service providers and banks. Make your security strategy a value-added asset.


MNOs have to follow an ever-increasing list of regulatory requirements from industry and governments. Violations can result in huge fines.


Telecom infrastructure has always been critical. As 5G penetration expands to even more areas of life—healthcare, transportation, and private networks—this importance will only increase.

New and hidden threats

With 5G, "telecom" and "IT" infrastructure become one and the same. Traditional IP-based threats will combine with more traditional issues for telecom in the 5G context. Considering network silos and the sheer complexity of new configuration burdens, not to mention constant changes, vulnerabilities will inevitably appear.

Fraud and crime

Hackers are getting better and more sophisticated every day. New techniques can evade most traditional security tools. MNOs must be prepared to take effective measures.

Ahead of the curve

"Baking in" security during design and planning can save headache later. Define your requirements for vendors and partners before taking solution delivery. Shape security to your infrastructure needs. Align new business processes with security requirements before doing a full-scale 5G rollout.

What do you get with our 5G security program?

  • Business impact evaluation of threats
  • Clear, actionable recommendations for ongoing 5G security strategy based on our findings
  • Guidance for immediate remediation of critical weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Security assurance for your service offering
  • Verification of compliance with industry recommendations * where applicable

End-to-end security

By design, telecom networks have a large attack surface. End-to-end security will be crucial for MNOs as they face the challenges emerging in a multi-domain ecosystem such as 5G. As part of the 5G Security Program, we scan and test all telecom infrastructure domains:

5G Security Program

What is included?

5G SA/NSA Core Security Assessment

In-depth audit against SS7/Diameter/GTP/HTTP/2 and PFCP threats: roaming and inbound traffic analysis

5G Telco Cloud Assessment

Deep assessment of cloud applications and technologies used (virtualization, containers, MEC, SDN, NFV, MANO)

Integrations Security Health Check

Deep screening of telecom interconnections and partnership APIs

Anti-Fraud Security Assessment

Extensive checks of how resilient your network is against various fraud scenarios.

Compliance check

Check of compliance with GSMA guidelines

Operations Resilience Check

OSS/BSS and in-house business application assessment

Application Security Assessment

Network perimeter audit and security analysis against HTTP, API, and JSON breaches in web applications, including black/gray/white box scanning.

5G New Radio Security Assessment

RAN/O-RAN security assessment

How does it work?

1. Interview

Every network configuration and architecture is unique. During the kick-off interview, we'll hone in on what matters for your business.

2. Scope and timeline

We work with you to establish the project scope, timeline, and details.

3. Active phase

Things get active as we conduct in-depth analysis of your infrastructure and provide consultations with our security experts. Can be performed remotely if desired (VPN connection to the internal network is required for testing).

4. Reporting and action plan

You get clear guidelines for building a 5G security strategy based on findings and our advice. Wrap-up and consulting on remaining questions.

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