Be Aware of Attacks on the Core Network

PT Express Monitoring passively detects attacks already present on your core network. See the attackers, victims, attack categories, potential impact, and other parameters. Get the answer to the questions on the mind of every telecom operator: Are you under attack right now? How often are attacks attempted? And how many of them are you protected against?

Stay Compliant

Strengthen your cybersecurity capabilities. PT Express Monitoring empowers operators to take proactive measures and fix signalling vulnerabilities before they attract the attention of regulators. Assess your compliance level and follow GSMA, GDPR, and other authorities' recommendations to meet regulatory standards.

Maintain Network Availability

DoS attacks strike telecom operators harder than any other sector. Denial of service degrades network capacity, disrupts customer services, pushes subscribers to find alternative providers, and leads to costly fines. Our research shows that attempts to cause disruption have very high success rates. Reduce exposure to DoS attacks by discovering exploitable flaws and enabling effective response.

Protect Subscribers and the Core Network

PT Express Monitoring helps to quickly assess the current security level of your signalling network, with the ability to identify possible attack vectors against the core network and subscribers. Such attacks can lead to call and SMS interception, subscriber location tracking, signalling fraud, and degradation or even disruption of services.

Stop Privacy Violations

Secure customer trust and strengthen ongoing engagement by protecting personal data from existing and emerging threats. Manage critical signalling vulnerabilities and get ahead of hackers. Prevent malicious attempts to track subscribers' location, intercept private communications, redirect traffic, or access email and social network accounts.

Reduce Fraud Risks

Flaws in signalling networks allow fraudsters to bypass billing systems, transfer money using forged USSD requests, steal funds with mobile banking, and hack digital wallets. In each case, revenue is lost and reputation jeopardized. Safeguard your business by detecting critical vulnerabilities before they cause financial losses.

Become a Trusted IoT Ecosystem

Attacks will proliferate as the threat surface widens to encompass connected homes, vehicles, and other smart devices in the Internet of things. As the role of the IoT grows in daily life and critical infrastructure, corporations and governments will demand greater stability in the telecom networks that connect them. Businesses will choose carriers who take IoT security seriously.

Build an Effective Security Strategy

Enhance visibility into signalling network vulnerabilities that threaten your core network, assets, and subscribers. By improving your knowledge of signalling infrastructure, threats, and adversaries' action patterns, you can develop an effective signalling security strategy and reduce incident risks to acceptable levels.

How it works

PT Express Monitoring consists of two parts performed in tandem:

Passive monitoring of the signalling network, with threat detection and response by PT Telecom Attack Discovery (PT TAD).

Active scanning of the signalling network perimeter from the international signalling network (SS7, Diameter, GTP), with PT Telecom Vulnerability Scanner (PT TVS) (if required and if no attack attempts occurred during the test period).

PT Express monitoring


Obtain an unbiased independent evaluation of the current protection level of the core network (SS7, Diameter, GTP) from external attacks

Get remediation advice and a roadmap to build an effective signalling security strategy.

Verify compliance with GSMA recommendations (FS.11, FS.19, and IR.82)

What you get

Management and technical level reports
Management and technical level reports
Top attack types, sources, and targets
Top attack types, sources, and targets
Confirmed real-life security incidents during the monitoring period
Confirmed real-life security incidents during the monitoring period
Independent benchmarking of your current exposure level
Independent benchmarking of your current exposure level
GSMA recommendations compliance status
GSMA recommendations compliance status
High-level remediation advice and suggestions on protectiony strategy
High-level remediation advice and suggestions on protectiony strategy

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