Be both–compliant and secure

Reap the benefits of a proactive approach to signalling security. Take measures and fix signalling vulnerabilities before they strike or attract the attention of regulators. Assess your compliance level and follow our expert recommendations to avoid expensive fines and protect your infrastructure, assets, subscribers.

Get ready for 5G roll-out

Unlike previous generations, 5G is aimed to support highly sophisticated use cases, including automotive and healthcare, where human lives are at stake. As the role of the IoT grows, corporations and governments will demand greater stability in the telecom infrastructure. Those win, who take security issues seriously.

Maintain 99.999 satisfaction rate

Our research shows that attempts to cause network interruptions have very high success rates. Denial of service degrades network capacity, disrupts customer services, and pushes subscribers to find alternatives. Reduce exposure to DoS attacks by discovering exploitable flaws in advance.

Enhance customer trust

Secure customers' trust and improve ongoing engagement by protecting personal data from hacker attacks. Prevent malicious attempts to steal digital identity, track subscribers' location, intercept calls, or access email and social network accounts. Flaws in signalling protocols allow doing that all.

Reduce fraud risks

Vulnerabilities in signalling networks are not just a compliance issue. They allow fraudsters to bypass billing systems, transfer money, steal funds using mobile banking, and hack digital wallets. Safeguard your revenues, reputation, and customers’ loyalty by timely countermeasures.

How it works

PT GSMA Compliance Check works as external black-box scanning. This method discovers critical attack vectors from the outside and is an efficient way to see the network the way a hacker sees it.

PT GSMA Compliance Check utilizes PT Telecom Vulnerability Scanner (PT TVS) and a dedicated IPX connection, and requires next to no knowledge about the customer’s core network. Only two test SIM cards and a permitted time slot are needed to launch the service.

Our certified industry-leading researchers and consultants first perform the scanning in an automated mode to run all the scenarios described by GSMA, and then results are verified manually for better precision and control.

GSMA Compliance Check

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