Prevent downtime

Telecoms are a major victim of denial-of-service attacks, which degrade network capacity and customer services. For smart devices needing to be online 24/7, DoS can be devastating. As our research shows, most networks are quite vulnerable. Find flaws and get expert guidance on how to fix vulnerabilities before they strike.

Embrace security before 5G rollout

Unlike previous generations, 5G is designed to support highly sophisticated use cases including smart cars and healthcare, with human lives at stake. As the role of the IoT grows, corporations and governments will demand greater stability from telecom infrastructure. The winners will be providers who take security issues seriously.

Benefit from unique expertise

We combine globally acknowledged telecom expertise with other in-house experience in areas such as application and industrial security. Positive Technologies uniquely possesses the wide-ranging knowledge required for the IoT space while retaining the detailed field mastery needed to identify specific threats to evolving technologies.

Limit future fines and stay compliant

Vulnerabilities in the signalling network threaten your business. So get visibility into what is going on and receive expert support on how to remediate the gaps. Empirical knowledge of infrastructure, risks, and adversary behaviors gives the tools needed to build an effective process for minimizing vulnerability risks without distraction or disruption.

Build effective security strategy

Enhance visibility into existing vulnerabilities that threaten your infrastructure, network, and assets. By improving your knowledge about threats, attack vectors, and adversaries' action patterns, you can develop an effective security strategy and reduce incident risks to acceptable levels.

How it works

We help to secure…
…by performing:
  • ■ Low power sensors
  • ■ Smart meters
  • ■ IP cameras
  • ■ Smart home systems
  • :: Device security testing
  • :: Firmware security testing
  • :: Reverse engineering
  • :: Threat modeling
  • ■ 5G
  • ■ LTE
  • ■ 3G / 2G
  • :: Telecom security assessment
  • :: Threat detection
  • :: Penetration testing
  • ■ Mobile analytics
  • ■ Industrial automation and control
  • ■ Remote monitoring
  • :: Application security testing
  • :: Forensics and incident investigation

What you get

  • Full list of vulnerabilities discovered during security assessment, ranked by severity level, feasibility of exploitation, and consequences
  • Description of threats and their impacts
  • Demonstration of possible attack techniques for the most critical flaws
  • High-level and detailed reports for management and technical staff
  • Recommendations on how to mitigate security risks: hardware reconfiguration, software updates, additional countermeasures, and protection tools


Unlike previous-generation networks, the 5G business model extends to sophisticated use cases with human lives at stake, such as healthcare and automotive. Learn which security challenges our experts predict, how to avoid the mistakes of the past, and what operators can do to get ready.

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