Protect the core network and subscribers

PT Telecom Security Assessment pinpoints the attack vectors that could be used to compromise the telecom network and subscriber security. Results of the compromise include degradation or even disruption of services, fraud, subscribers’ geotracking, eavesdropping, and more. Discover critical flaws with guidance on how to prevent them being exploited in the wild.

Stop fraud

Criminals can take advantage of insecure signalling networks to defraud operators and subscribers. They can bypass billing, transfer funds by forging USSD requests, steal from bank accounts by intercepting SMS messages, and hack into digital wallets. If left unchecked, fraud is extremely costly to operators—both for the bottom line and customer loyalty.

Safeguard privacy

Operator networks can "leak" subscriber locations and private messages. Attackers can even reroute the victims' traffic and access online accounts.Stop subscriber churn and remove obstacles to service growth. Strengthen trust by protecting customer data from cyberattacks.

Manage signalling vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in the signalling network threaten your business. So get visibility into what is going on and receive expert support on how to remediate the gaps. Empirical knowledge of infrastructure, risks, and adversary behaviors gives the tools needed to build an effective process for minimizing vulnerability risks without distraction or disruption.

Be an IoT team player

The Internet of things will change our lives by connecting homes, vehicles, and myriad other devices. But placing critical infrastructure online also raises the cybersecurity stakes. Customers, businesses, and governments will demand rock-solid security from their telecom operators. Just one breach or downtime incident may be enough to drive away cautious clients.

Prevent downtime

Telecoms are a major victim of denial-of-service attacks, when network capacity and customer services are degraded. As our research shows, most networks are quite vulnerable to DoS attempts. Find the flaws that attackers could exploit to perform DoS against your network and subscribers, with guidance from our experts on how to fix them most effectively.

Get ahead of regulations

The GDPR and similar laws are enacting larger fines and stricter reporting requirements than ever before. With PT Telecom Security Assessment, you can demonstrate due diligence and act now to correct flaws before they become an issue. Check your state of compliance and follow industry-standard recommendations from the GSMA and others to pull ahead of the pack in telecom cybersecurity.

What you get

Full list of critical signaling vulnerabilities and validated attack scenarios

In-depth results and recommendations

Guidance and support from industry-leading experts


Proud to work with GSMA

As an associate member of the GSMA, we put our cybersecurity expertise to work for the community. Our experts constantly contribute information on novel signalling threats, attack vectors, and protection methods.

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